(Hey, isn't that an oxymoron?)

A breath of cryptoart

Posted on CIRCLE. SLAM JAM & 2050+ Platform

As most of us from Club Universo are designers, we inevitably became interested in the dynamics of the Cryptoart world. It would seem as if artists and designers have finally found their golden goose. For those who are not aware, Cryptoart is a category of art related to blockchain technology where one can sell their digital works, sometimes even for hundreds of thousands of dollars in crypto currency. As artists and designers we can not but be intrigued by this opportunity as it allows cratives to earn more than ever before while simultaneously expanding the horizon of the art world; even though it would seem that from an environmental standpoint Cryptoart isn’t really sustainable. Our goal with this post is to shed light on this new phenomenon, promoting a critical research that would be beneficial to both the art world and the environment. We believe that it is very important, especially in this initial phase, to not be taken over by the speculative opportunity that this newly emerged market has but observe it as a whole, keeping close attention on its environmental impact. For example, the simple act of buying one of these arts pieces (NTF art) consumes on average 250kWh and has an emissione of 155KgCO2, which is equivalent to using Netflix 24/7 for six months. “When designing and developing new systems, platforms and habits, design and develop them compliant with the standards and expectations of the time! 130 kWh, 80 KgCO2 for a single mouse click to mint a single-edition NFT is ridiculous and unethical.” (Memo Akten, https://memoakten.medium.com/ http://cryptoart.wtf)