(Hey, isn't that an oxymoron?)

Definitivamente…No Estamos Solos

Sidequest w/ @sar.akari Live on Fritto.fm 28/05/2021

Cookie Monster Mixtape

Capitolo 6: Live on Fritto.fm 23/04/2021

Club Universo on Radio Raheem

Live on Radio Raheem @Triennale Milano 08/04/2021

“Club Universo” sculpture by Michela Salvi

Easter Egg Mixtape

Capitolo 5: Live on Fritto.fm 26/03/2021

A breath of cryptoart

Posted on CIRCLE. SLAM JAM & 2050+ Platform

Valentine’s Day 21 Mixtape

Special Mix Live on Fritto.fm

Valentine’s Day Visual identity

Visual Identity for Fritto.fm Valentine’s Day Special

β tester Mixtape

Capitolo 4: Live on Fritto.fm 29/01/2021

Keygen Mixtape

Capitolo 3: Live on Fritto.fm 30/12/2020

Defrag di Coscienza Mixtape

Capitolo 2: Live on Fritto.fm 27/11/2020

(amniotico) Mixtape

Capitolo 1: Live on Fritto.fm 16/10/2020

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