R4 Live from Fondo Luogo (MI) on FRITTO.FM, 01.03.2023


CRINGESTEP Live from Fondo Luogo (MI) on FRITTO.FM, 27.01.2023


LARSENALE RESPAWN Sidequest w/ LARS, Live From Fondo Luogo (MI) on FRITTO.FM, 05.12.2022

Live from Potlach

Live from POTLACH MILANO, 27.10.2022 vinyls only selected by CLUB UNIVERSO

UniversoCore 4

UniversoCore 4 live on Fritto.fm, from Fondo Luogo (MI)

Sample Text

Sample Text Via Tadino 13, 20124 Milano. 10/04 From 19 w\ ACR and Amemi

Larsenale Mixtape

LARSENALE (Sidequest w/ @larslars) Live from Fondo.Luogo on Fritto.fm, 21 CET

Halloween Live Fritto

Halloween Spooky Session at Fondo.Luogo live on Fritto.fm 31/10/2021 Listen on Mixcloud>> 


“With Genesis we mark the end of our first chapter. 7 mixtapes, 7 hours, in one infinite loop. A big thanks to Fritto and our supporters (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ” Private listening party in Milano, live on Fritto.fm 03/10/2021